I want to build a small structure in the buffer zone of Podyjí National Park. Do I need to have the approval of the Podyjí National Park Administration?


You must have a “binding decision” from the Podyjí NP Administration to build a small structure and also for any building work, including landscaping work. This “binding decision” can either fully agree with your building plans or the approval may be bound to fulfilling certain conditions which are set out in the “binding decision”. After you receive this binding decision, then you can turn to the relevant building authority and apply for permission to build. Without the prior issue of a positive “binding decision”, the building authority will not authorise your building planning application.  


What do I need so that I can gain the verdict on my building plan from the Podyjí NP Administration, which I need for the building authority?


Podyjí NP Administration has forms for different kinds of applications, which differ according to the complexity of the proposed building activity. The forms are different for private individuals (citizens) and for legal entities (companies and entrepreneurs). It is also important that each type of application is accompanied by the necessary documents, without which it would not be possible to assess your application. All of these types of applications can be downloaded form this website in electronic form. 
Can I build in the open countryside, outside the built up areas of the towns and villages?


According to the new Building Act No. 183/2006 Coll., you cannot if the plot of land is not part of the built up area of the town or village. The valid borders of the built up area are marked in the municipal plan of the town or village, which according to the law must be negotiated and authorised by the municipal council. 


I think that my building will not damage the environment. Why should the Podyjí NP Administration decide what my building should look like?


Act No. 114/1992 Coll. on the Nature and Landscape Protection sets out the competence of national park administrations. According to this law, the Podyjí NP Administration must first consider whether the applicant´s building plan could have a negative impact on nature. If there cannot be a negative impact, the NP Administration also considers whether the building plan can have a negative impact on the landscape character or the harmonic balance in the landscape. By setting out the conditions for the exterior appearance of buildings the NP Administration guarantees that the landscape character will not be negatively influenced. The NP Administration’s architect can help builders to find definite solutions for the appearance of buildings, so that they won’t disturb the landscape character.